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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Returned to blogging...

Little yet So much has happened since my last post. I’ve been very busy and in a self-centred mood lost in the cocoon of my own making. Looking back, these would be the major occurrences in my life over the last few months.

Graduation: I’ve graduated in April and said goodbye and good riddance to the long and tedious life of education. I’m happily living my non-student existence.

Working: Since graduation, I’ve been working as a casual teacher over various schools but mostly at Blackett. The good thing about casual teaching is that there is less homework than full time teaching. The bad thing is you don’t get paid over the holidays. So, I’m still desperately waiting for a permanent job. Next term, I’m doing a block on a year 6 class, which is both source or pride and headache for me. The students are extremely difficult and smart-alecs. Though, we did have good times in Term 3. I hope I can win them over by the end of the year!

My Car: I bought a SEAT Cordoba GLX in July and it’s now almost written off. I’m still on learners and still postponing my driving test date because there’s no car to do it on. I’m being teased day and night about being given lifts by 2 younger sisters. Even the insurance guy made fun of me :P

Masum’s Application: On October 10, it will be 6 months since we made our application. I don’t have any idea when he’ll get the visa, but it’s getting increasingly difficult for both of us. I wish I could shake some people who can’t tell genuine cases apart from frauds.

AM TS: On September 23, we had our YMSA Associate Member Teaching Session. Though our member number is small, it was a session packed with learning and discussion. The food, entertainment and prezzies were also great! Though, I do believe I’m yet to get back at the people for so wrongfully attributing the sms-mania to me! It wasn’t fair!

Children's Prog: The one Lamia and I run is more like an infant's prog because our kids are aged between pre-school to year 2. The kids are soooo cute but I'm getting a bit to much of 'Mrs Amin...."

I've been thinking about changing my last nameto 'Mrs Alam' but Mausm is my biggest opponent in this issue so I just don't know......